An official coat of arms?

An official coat of arms of the Verwaaijen family does not (yet) exist. On various pages on this site you will find representations of the family coat of arms, which could be used by the Verwaaijens mentioned in this genealogy. Louise Verwaaijen commissioned the design of the coat of arms. The coat of arms was designed in accordance with the official heraldic rules and regulations. Emblems and symbols that were used by a large number of Verwaaijen ancestors were incorporated into the design.

The description of this coat of arms is as follows:

The shield is diagonally parted, forming four quarters.

In the left and the right quarter: six blue waves on a silver foundation referring to water, meaning "wade"; the probable origin of our family name. The water symbolizes one of the many elements many of our ancestors had to deal with especially in the form of bursting dikes and floods. It is also the symbol of river water bearing and depositing clay, in the later days the base of the brick industry, in which many Verwaaijens eked out a meager income and a few of them made their fortune.

In the top quarter: the sign of Alderman Gaert Verwaijen in gold on a red foundation.

In the lowest quarter: three styled ears of corn with leaves in gold on a red foundation, as a symbol of the products of many Verwaaijens, who made a living as farmers, as well as those who did so as a miller.

The total coat of arms shows a silver knight's helmet with golden visor bars and edges, as well as a golden cord and pendant. The inside of the helmet, the visor and shoulder holes are indicated in red. Furthermore a cover, a wreath and wing spread in alternating blue and gold and in the wing spread again the three styled ears of corn with leaves in gold.

As this design of the Verwaaijen coat of arms fulfills the official heraldic conditions, it can be submitted for official registration at the Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie in The Hague, Netherlands.

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